Stefan Breitenstein

Side Projects

Chrome Extensions

Gist Explorer

I hate searching for my gists on github to run them on the current page...

So I build an additional DevTool panel for my (and your) Gists.

#devtool #js #vue

I need subtitle for my favorite series/movies and I don't count on the movie provider, which MAY provide some subtitles...

So I build an extension which can inject subtitles to HTML5 videos.
Either with a build in integration to or with a file selection.

#subtitle #js #vue

Self Organization

Custom RSS-Feed

Im addicted to dev news.
Sadly, for my preferred channels are no RSS-Feed available...

So I build my own custom RSS-Feed, which notifies me when new hot shit is available.

I build it with firebase and TypeScript and I tried some "classic" OOP stuff with TypeScript (inheritance, mixins, template methods) ... and now I hate code base. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Notifies if a TypeScript, JavaScript or everything else (no filter applied), raises in the weekly trending.
Notifies, if a post reach 500 points in the current week.
Notifies, if a post reach 500 points in the current week.
Notifies, if a post reach 300 votes week in the current week.
#ts #firebase #rss
Gists/Codepen for daily use

Gists are optimized for the Chrome Dev Console.

Search Github links in raw and generates repo fields for Githubs GQL-Endpoint
Filter Github repos with at least n-stars
Inspired by this xkcd. Is it worth the time to solve a problem? This Gist will answer your question.
#gists #gist-explorer

Algo Playground

NEAT Algorithm for Hus [WIP]

I like the game Hus and I lose to my wife every f* time.

Perfect time to learn machine learning, I thought. So I tried to implement the NEAT algorithm.

We'll see where it goes...

#ts #ml #neat
Pathfinding Algorithms

I was interested in Kotlin, especially in the JavaScript transpiler.

So instead of "Hello World", I implement some pathfinding algorithm with visualization.

A like Kotlin a lot, but TypeScript with the definitely typed project, is simply not beatable. I don't want to maintain the types for third party tools myself.

#dijkstra #kotlin
Stone Color Puzzle

I was on this party and there was this puzzle lying around...

  • You have a 4x4 Field.
  • Each field contains a stone
  • Each stone is a square
  • A stone has a color on each side
  • You can take the stone out and place it wherever you want
  • Place each stone so that the places where the stones touch each other are always the same color

I haven't managed to solve it all evening... Which was so ridiculous.

On the next morning I wrote a small script which solves it via backtracking. Meh... stupid puzzle...

#backtracking #js